Performance Reviews

  • A review provides a much needed boost to ageing, underperforming organisations, departments, and individuals
  • Provides clarity for organisations, departments, and individuals who do not function optimally and underachieve
  • A chance to benchmark against successful organisations, departments, and individuals
  • Enhancement of intra and inter departmental communication, agreement and effectiveness
  • Professional development organisation and opportunity for existing staff members
  • A link for organisations, departments, and individuals to a world-class practitioner
  • Provide new innovation and vision on the latest methodologies and protocols
  • Identify risks and concerns specific for departments or individuals


  • Ability to assess qualifications and Knowledge
  • Profile strengths and weaknesses
  • Leadership
  • Professional development planning
  • Effectiveness
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • People dynamics
  • Value to organisation

Coach Profiling & Professional Development

  • No course or work experience will give you the personal 1-on-1 attention and analysis you need to optimise your development
  • Only by spending time with a world class professional, who challenges you, and closely examines your strengths and weaknesses, will you have a chance of reaching your potential as a coach

Presentations & Workshops

  • Principles of endurance training for field sports
  • Principles of linear and lateral speed training for field sports
  • Principles of strength and power training
  • Managing a world-class performance department

Specialist Coaching

Atletico can provide consultant athletic performance coaching services such as:

  • Pre-season profiling of individual athletes, squads or sub-groups
  • At planned times throughout the year

Environment and Culture

  • External perception vs. internal perception
  • Cultural change initiatives


  • Internal and external facilities
  • Internal and external equipment